Recent Work

A separation

Charcoal and pastels on paper. 8'6" x 3'9"

James and the pelican

Charcoal and pastels on paper. 75" x 54"

Sir Harry

Charcoal and pastels on paper. 43" x 54"



Charcoal and pastels on paper. 87" x 45"



Mixed media - bone, plaster, feathers, razor blades, shells, ink, canvas, metal, secret ingredients.



chimera 12

Visceral Dissonance

Charcoal and pastels on paper. 54" x 35"


Maerie and Byron (2 separate paintings)

Paper, acrylic paint, pastels, charcoal.

2 separate paintings


Charcoal and pastels on paper. 18" x 24"

trapeze small

Ursa crowned

Mixed media: taxidermy, acrylic, feathers, plaster, gems, secret ingredients. 27" x 18" x 20

Ursa Crowned Ursa Crowned - 2015

Siren Sloop

Mixed media: bone, horn, canvas, ink, cord, secret ingredients. 36" x 32"

Siren sloop - 2014 Siren Sloop - 2014 Siren sloop - detail

Eurydice Resurrected

Mixed media: plaster, metal, liquid latex, feathers, bone, marble, secret ingredients

Dimensions: 7' x 6'

Eurydice 1 Eurydice resurrected - 2014 Eurydice in the Harvey's Counter window eurydice studio

Sweetest Dreams

Mixed media: paper, bone, acrylic, wood, secret ingredients

Dimensions: 5" x 7"

Sweetest Dreams Sweetest Dreams details