Photo by James Autery, 2017
Born in Paris, raised in London, with Austrian, Hungarian, Belgian and Russian blood coursing through her veins, predisposing her to a lack of sun exposure and a propensity for plunging into myths and legends, Alex Dewez started drawing and making strange things at an early age. Populating her childhood rooms, and later apartments and houses, with strange creatures, imaginary landscapes and intricate cartoon adventures who followed her from country to country and a succession of careers as distinct from one another as they have been multiple. Trained as a lighting and set designer, Alex's work embodies a note of theatricality while remaining deeply personal. Recurring themes of darkened childhoods, mythology, the fragility of disconnection, ghosts both real and imaginary, pain both physical and psychological, combine with a fascination of the natural world, storytelling and classical art. "Every piece is a story, a whisper. Sometimes they are all mine, often wrenched from ugly places I'm not always proud of. But the whispers are also fables, other people's tales that have inspired me, commentaries to be developed, etc. Anyway, once it is finished, the piece should become someone else's story. That is the ultimate intent anyway." Alex lives in the Hudson Valley with three dogs, three parakeets, a horse and a large collection of shells, bones and spider webs.
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